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Natalia Miroshnikova

Natalia Miroshnikova has established a reputation of a “powerful performer” and a “sensitive ensemble partner” by having appeared in concerts throughout the world. She has performed as a soloist with symphony and chamber orchestras and with various instrumentalists in chamber music recitals in many cities in Russia, the Baltic Republics, Romania, Israel, Arab Countries, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States. She has made recordings for the Third Program of ERA (Hellenic Radio), as well as for the Moldavian Radio and TV.

Her pedagogic involvement and experience resulted in co-writing (with her husband Alexis Miroshnikov) two books - "The Dictionary of Musical Terms" (2000) and "The Pianist's Technique" (2001).

Natalia Miroshnikova started taking her piano lessons at the age of 6 and few years later was accepted to the piano studio of Professor Vladimir Natanson at the Central
Special Music School of the Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory. She continued her studies and received the Master of Music degree in the piano studio of Professor Alexis Miroshnikov at the National Music Academy in Moldova. Mrs. Miroshnikova returned to the Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory to obtain her diploma in the postgraduate studies under the supervision of Professor of Piano Aleksei Zibtzev.

During her student years Natalia Miroshnikova was a prize winner of several national music competitions. Her skillful and responsive playing earned her such prizes and recognition as “the best accompanist” and “the best participant in chamber music ensembles”. Mrs. Miroshnikova has collaborated with musicians from around the world such as Ghena Dimitrova, Francis Orval, Elena Kelissidi, Christopher Stamboglis, Sergey Kravchenko among others.