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We have decided to make this section because of the many similar questions we receive each year. We hope it’ll help you in preparation for your trip to “The Muse Junior” competition in Santorini. However, if you still have any questions please don’t be shy to ask us.


Q. How can I get to Santorini?
A. The easiest and the most convenient way is to fly to Athens and transfer to one of the domestic flights to Santorini. Flights to Santorini are frequent throughout a day during this period of time and scheduled on daily basis. We suggest that you book your round trip ticket Your Place>Athens> Santorini at home.

Another way is to fly directly to Santorini. There are such flights from select locations. Find out from your local travel agent or through various internet sites if there are direct flights to Santorini from your departure city.

You could try a more picturesque trip to Santorini by flying to Athens and then taking a ferry-boat to Santorini. It takes from 4 to 10 hours depending on a ferry type. What makes it less convenient is that ferry-boats depart from the Athens port usually early in the morning (7:00-7:30am). Keep in mind that it takes about an hour to get to the Piraeus Port from the airport. Check this website to find out what time ferry-boats depart from the port.

Greek travel pages. You can find out ferry schedules from Piraeus Port (Athens port) to Santorini Island.

Olympic Airlines website. If your travel agent cannot find a ticket from Athens to Santorini check out the website of this Greek airline.

Aegean Airlines website. If your travel agent cannot find a ticket from Athens to Santorini check out the website of this Greek airline.


Q. What hotel should I book?
A. Obviously, it depends on your preferences. You can choose a hotel in any price range. Our partner hotels are inexpensive, comfortable, with an air-conditioner, breakfast, and are conveniently located to most of the locations you’ll need while in Fira (capital of the island). The price for a double room in those hotels is about 35 euro per night. To find out all the details please contact a hotel representative and make sure to mention that you will be participating in “The Muse” competition. One piece of advice: the sooner you book your room the better it is. Santorini is an extremely popular place among tourists.

Check out our partner-hotels: Villa Koronios, Hotel Thira


Q. What if I would like to stay in another town on the island?
A. You could certainly do it. Santorini is a small island (12 by 7 km). Public transportation system on the island is pretty good. You can take a bus to almost any place on the island, taxi, or even a donkey (donkeys will not take you far). We would still recommend staying in Fira, where the competition takes place, and go places from there. Though, if you have a driver license and can rent a car or a bike, then it makes it easy to stay wherever you want.

If you prefer to look for a hotel in another town or other than our partner-hotels, you can do so here


Q. Will I be able to practice while in Santorini?
A. Yes you will! However, practicing facilities will be equally divided between all the participants and specific time will be assigned to everyone. We suggest that you consider your practice time in Santorini as a way to keep your hands in good shape. You should be able to have 1-2 hours daily, but do your “homework” at home.


Q. Where is everything located?
A. Here is the map of Fira. You might want to print it out and take it with you.


Q. I need a Greek visa to come to the competition. What papers do I need to have?
A. Once we receive and review your documents and they are all ok, we will send you an official invitation, which you can take with you to a Greek consulate. We shall send it to you by e-mail and by post at the same time. Let us know for what date you schedule your interview with Greek authorities and we will also fax a copy of your invitation to them. If you could find out their fax number, that would be helpful to us.

We will need to include in an official invitation: your name; passport number (the document you are going to travel with); what city you plan to apply for a Greek visa. If you travel with a companion, please provide the same information for him/her.

Please note that we do not send an invitation with premium postal services like DHL, UPS, etc. We can do it in certain situations, but in this case, all the expenses are on a participant and paid with an application fee.

You will also be required to show proof of hotel booking. Your hotel representative will send a fax to you (or to us in some cases) once you book a room in a hotel. This paper will serve as a proof of hotel booking, which you will have to take with you to a Greek consulate.


Q. Is there a dress code?
A. There is no particular dress code for your performances on stage. You can freely choose your performance clothes to your liking. However, we would not recommend using jeans and t-shirts.