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Congratulations to all the prize winners of the
2nd International Music Competition "The Muse Junior"!


Junior Group (not older than 10 years old)


Winners of the Junior Group:
Dionysios, Hong Kai, Yi Ting, Dunja, Charis
and Anne Maria (right picture)



Dunja and Yi Ting


Charis Lim_____

______________________Charis _____________________________ Eva-Lidia (2nd Prize)


Hong Kai__

Hong Kai (left picture)
Doniyor (3rd Prize - Intermediate Group)
Pianists Gayane and Oqila (2nd Prize winners - Junior Group)
Yulduzkhon (3rd Prize - Intermediate Group)


Dunja receives a special prize from Bakitone International

Special prize from Bakitone International (creation of a personal website)
awarded to Dunja


Gayane Ghazaryan, Armenia
Anastasia Gomzina, Russia
Dunja Kalamir, Serbia
Charis Lim, Singapore
Oqila Mirkhodjaeva, Uzbekistan
Hong Kai Ong, Singapore
Yi Ting Ong, Singapore
Dionysios Pilarinos, Greece
Ekaterina Titova, Russia
Eva-Lydia Tsouganaki, Greece
Anne Maria Wehrmeyer, Germany

Anastasia and Ekaterina have both been awarded Honorary Diplomas.


Intermediate Group (between 11 and 14 years old)

Winner of the Intermediate Group:
Anastasia Larina, Russia


Anush Sargsyan, Armenia (2nd Prize)



Yulduzkhon Mullajonova and Doniyor Khodirjonov
both representing Uzbekistan (3rd Prize winners)


Teenage Group (between 15 and 17 years old)

Winner of the Teenage Group:
Zaharias Fotis, Greece

Evgenia Safonova____

Evgenia Safonova, Russia and
Davron Khoshimov, Uzbekistan (2nd Prize winners)



Pavlina Chamantne representing Greece and Palestine
and Vlad Ion Blejan from Romania (3rd Prize winners)




Best wishes to all!