Month: February 2017

Jovanni-Rey de Pedro

34-year-old pianist from the USA performs Ernst von Dohnanyi – Read More

Grigorii Osipov

21-year-old percussionist from Russia, Grigorii Osipov, performs: Read More

Gianluca Montaruli

23-year-old cellist from Italy, Gianluca Montaruli, performs: Read More

Konstantin Bashikov

8-year-old pianist from Bulgaria performs Fr. Kuhlau – Sonata Read More

Wiktor Kazubinski

15-year-old pianist from Poland, Wiktor Kazubinski, performs: Read More

Bibiana Miskolciova

16-year-old pianist and organist from Slovakia performs J. S. Bach – Read More

Anna Wiedemann

21-year-old violinist from Germany performs M. Ravel – Tzigane. Read More

Ann JunYoung

24-year-old cellist from South Korea performs Tchaikovsky – Pezzo Read More

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