International Association of Art “The Muse” was founded as a nonprofit organization in Athens, Greece in 2001 by Alexis and Natalia Miroshnikov – pianists, graduates of the Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory. The association’s members include musicians, painters, actors, writers, diplomats, business people and simply those, who care for art.

Co-founders Prof. Alexis Miroshnikov Ph.D., Honorary President and Prof. Natalia Miroshnikova, Artistic Director

The main goal of “The Muse” is to search, support and promote talented young people. For this purpose, the association organizes various events, such as competitions, concerts, exhibitions, lectures and educational events. Among those, a special place has been reserved for the eMuse International Online Music Competition.

During the last four years, eMuse Competition has given an opportunity to be heard and to succeed to hundreds of musicians from around the world. Our prize winners have performed in Athens at the Acropolis Museum, the Parnassos Concert Hall, the Byzantine and Christian Museum, and at the Gyzi Megaron Festival in Santorini. They have received a number of rewards including violin, cello bows and strings. But most importantly it helped them grow their skills, careers and enthusiasm for further musical studies.

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