Arda Mustafaoglu

15-year-old pianist from FYR Macedonia performs Fazil Say – Black Earth.
About the artist

Arda is a student at the Macedonian Music Conservatory in Skopje. He is a winner and laureate of many competitions in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Albania, Belgium, Italy etc. Some of them are the EMCY International Young Talent Music Competition in Turkey; the International Competition “Music and Earth” in Bulgaria; the International Young Musicians Competition Prize “Antonio Salieri”; the International “Sirmium” Music Fest in Serbia; and others.

Arda has attended some masterclasses led by Denis Zardi, Heribert Koch, Simon Trpceski, Chantal Stigliani, Klaus Schilde, Ramzi Yassa, and Peter Laul.

He regularly performs with the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra. This year supported by the French “Philomuses” Association he’ll have a solo concert in France and a solo concerts in Macedonia with the support from the Macedonian Ministry of Culture.

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