Bastien Buwalda

14-year-old singer from Singapore performs:

  • John Dowland – Come Again
  • Teodoro Cottrau – Santa Lucia
  • Lionel Bart – Who Will Buy
  • Clark Genser – The Kite

About the artist

Bastien is fourteen years old and attends the Australian International School in Singapore. Born in Australia, Bastien spent his whole life there until his family relocated to Asia in 2015. He has a great love for music and enjoys both composing and performing. Bas studies singing with Ms Alexandra Novicova and is currently preparing with Miss Lu Min Chew for his grade 8 AMEB piano exam. Using modern technology he also continues to study music theory, composition and contemporary piano with his Australian teacher Paul Myatt, who has been his musical coach since he was four years old.

Bas has performed in various music events in Australia. In 2014 he recorded some vocal and instrumental pieces for the DVD ‘Budding Virtuosity’ presented by Forte Music Australia. In 2016 Bastien performed the role of Kurt in Roger’s and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music in Hong Kong and was a soloist in the 2016 Hong Kong City Chamber Orchestra’s performance of the Snowman and the Bear. Bastien performed as a star performer in the ChildAid 2017 concert and a soloist in the ChildAid 2018 concert in Singapore. In addition Bas is an active member of the elite performance group K-aos (part of the Kid’s Academy of Stars) and is the pianist in the AIS Jazz- and Soul band.

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