Category B

Alexander Leon Cerisha

10-year-old violinist from Romania performs Paganini – Moses Fantasy

Elizabeth Russell

11-year-old flutist from Australia performs “Waltz” by Benjamin Godard. Read More

Sophie Elliott

12-year-old flutist from Singapore performs Dolgikov – Romance from Child Suite. Read More

Leong & Elliott Duo

10-year-old Victoria Leong and 11-year-old Sophie Elliott from Singapore Read More

Victoria Leong

10-year-old flutist from Singapore performs Chopin – Variations. Read More

Leong & Leong Duo

9-year-old pianist Titus Leong and his sister Victoria (10) from Singapore Read More

Jonathan Alter

12-year-old pianist from Canada performs L. Beethoven – Six Variations on “Nel cor Read More

Daniel Alter

9-year-old pianist from Canada performs J.S. Bach – Prelude and Fugue in c minor . Read More

Mario Liviu Mititelu

9-year-old violinist from Romania performs J. Ph. Rameau – Gavotte. Read More

Eirini Charmpi

9-year-old pianist from Cyprus performs W. A. Mozart – Sonata in C Major, Read More

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