1st edition. 2002

Since 2002

International Association of Art “The Muse” has been hosting the Muse Competition since 2002. It first started as a national event in Athens. Three years later the competition broaden its geographical range and turned into an international contest.

4th edition. 2005

Piano Competition

The 4th edition of the Muse Competition took place in Santorini in 2005 and was open to pianists from 16 to 30 years old. It was a first music competition in the cultural life of the island. Young musicians from the European Union, Russia, USA, Japan, Korea, among other countries, have taken part in the competition.

8th edition. 2009

Muse Junior

In 2009, parallel to the piano event, the association expanded the competition by adding new age categories and instruments. The Muse Junior was open to younger participants of up to 18 years of age playing piano, violin, cello, and wind instruments.

Muse Junior
12th edition. 2014


During the next five years, the competition evolved into a musical forum for young artists of different performing schools from many countries. It was a logical chain of events that turned the competition into an online event in 2014. That year, eMuse International Online Music Competition was introduced!

eMuse 2018 Winners Concert in Santorini
17th edition. 2019

One name for all

We feel that all these events, though somewhat different, were one competition that continued to evolve. We could not ignore its history from the very beginning and decided to combine all the editions under one name – Muse International Music Competition.


Throughout those 17 years, the competition has enjoyed tremendous success welcoming more than 2500 musicians from 93 countries of 4 continents and served as a platform discovering new talents and aiding in their future artistic development. We are glad to acknowledge that many of them have now become successful performers and can be heard on concert stages around the world.

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