Emilia Szlapa

14-year-old violinist from Poland performs A. Piazzolla – Tango-Etude No. 3

About the artist

Emilia Szłapa was born on 25th October 2003 in Jaworzno. She has begun her studies at the following schools: PSM I st. im. G. Baciewicz and SP5 im. KEN in Jaworzno under the direction mgr. Małgorzata Basiuk. Nowdays she attends classes at the PSM I i II st. im. M. Karłowicza in Katowice under the direction prof. Adam Musialski and Gimnazjum no 9. Emilia has participated in many international and national music competition.

Despite her young age, she has given concerts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Spain, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and in other countries. She has studied under the auspices of professors Simon Cartledge, Rintaro Akamatsu, Gotthard Popp, Peter Brunt, Tomasz Strahl, Andrzej Gębski, Igor Coretti Kuret with many other well-known music artists.

Emilia loves to play the violin, it makes her happy and she likes to share it with other people.

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