Helen Fang

8-year-old pianist from China performs Claude Debussy – Children’s Corner, L. 119: VI. Golliwog’s Cakewalk

About the artist

Born to an artistic family in Hangzhou, China, Helen is exposed to arts in many forms and varieties since birth. Helen has the privilege to witness the processes of art making, creative thinking, and how arts can change the world for better. At age of 3, Helen discovered her extreme curiosity to the sounds, in nature and in music. She has been studying piano with Helen Lin. While attending school at Overseas International School in Singapore, she has won numerous gold awards at international competitions.

Helen has already performed in Rome at Parco della Musica and is scheduled to appear in other musical performances, including Carnegie Hall in New York City on April 21, 2019; Singapore Steinway Society’s “Rising Star concert series”, as well as concert events hosted by Helen Lin Piano Scholarship Foundation Ltd. Pte.

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