Janka Laar

10-year-old flutist from Hungary performs:

  • J.S. Bach – Menuett
  • J.P. Rameau – Tamburin 
  • A. Corelli – Sarabande
  • Béla Bartók – Este a székelyeknél (Evening in the village)
About the artist

Janna Laar was born on Decemebr 20, 2007 in Hungary. She has been playing flute for just a year and a half, but has already participated in three music competition. She is enrolled at the Vujicsics Tihamér AMI Music School.

Janna’s teacher is her mother – flutist Eva Szaniszló, who inspires and encourages her to play more and more.

In the future, Janna would like to become a professional musician.

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