Joshua Leong

15-year-old pianist from Singapore performs M. Glinka / M. Balakirev – The Lark

About the artist

Joshua took up individual piano lessons at 7 years of age and had successfully passed a couple of ABRSM practical examinations with distinction within 3 years.

In January 2017, he began his study of piano under Natalya Kuznetsova. Through her professional guidance, he began to improve on his technique and participated actively in performances. He has also received awards and top prizes at a number of competitions in Greece, Italy, Russia, Austria, and others. Today, other than improving his pianistic skills, he continues to enjoy listening to music and shows interest in writing music.

Learning was not always easy for Joshua due to Autism Spectrum Disorder. However despite experiencing difficulties in many areas in his childhood years, he has been diligent and has been able to overcome many odds a step at a time.

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