Muse Competition

Opportunity for every musician
to be heard and to succeed

The goal for making Muse Competition has always been to create an opportunity for every young performer of classical music to be heard and to succeed. With the online edition of Muse, we wanted to offer a different and more convenient way for young musicians to benefit from a competition using modern technologies, so that neither traveling expenses, nor conflicting schedules and school programs could become a major reason to skip on valuable experience.

Thanks to the internet we can now present an atmosphere of a competition, outstanding prizes and diplomas to a much bigger and more international circle of aspiring musicians. By making a video recording of a short program of your choice you can now showcase your talent and skills even from home!

Importance of experience

As musicians ourselves, we understand the importance of stage experience and performance in front of the audience and have created opportunities of live performances for the competition winners. Among those are the Acropolis Museum, the Gyzi Megaron Festival in Santorini, and other places to remember for life.

For all classical musicians

Open to performers of classical music, Muse International Music Competition is an annual event for musicians of all nationalities and ages, including a dedicated category for amateurs only.

Hellenic Ministry of Culture

Under the auspices and with the support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture

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