News from The Muse

Prizes for eMuse 2018 Winners

So what are the eMuse 2018 prizes and what can participants win this year?

eMuse Competition 2018 Announced

The next eMuse International Online Music Competition 2018 has been announced!

The Last 2017 Winners’ Concert!

The last concert of the eMuse 2017 winners was the last event of the Gyzi Megaron Festival as well and took place in Santorini

Overall Winner Plays at Acropolis Museum

The overall winner of the eMuse 2017, violinist Katerina Chatzinikolau, gave a solo recital at the Acropolis Museum

Byzantine Museum Winners’ Concert

It is always a valuable opportunity for young, emerging musicians to show their talent on stage

Results of eMuse 2017 Announced!

Congratulations to all the participants of the eMuse Online Music Competition 2017! Great, great, great performances!

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