Zhi Xin Liu

12-year-old singer from Singapore performs Bart Howard – Fly Me to the Moon.

About the artist

Zhi Xin is twelve and a half years old. She really enjoys listening to all types of music when she is studying. During her free time, she likes drawing, singing and learning new songs. She does not get to learn many songs with friends as she is no longer in her Nan Hua Primary School (NHPS) choir. She has been in her school’s choir for 4 years and she is proud to be in the NHPS choir because they have won many awards and had many memorable performances. One of the many memorable performances was performing in front of the former president Dr Tony Tan since the school was celebrating its 100-year anniversary. Zhi Xin is also proud of the choir receiving Distinction in Singapore Youth Festival twice in a row.

They practiced two times in a week, it was tiring but Zhi Xin enjoyed every moment in choir. However, since she is not in choir anymore, she has another singing teacher, Ms. Stella Zhou who coaches her privately. It was a little different from choir because she was used to singing in a group. But after a while, Zhi Xin understood herself more because she has never got to do that in choir with so many people. Ms. Stella is patient with her and taught her countless songs and many tips to improve her singing. She was the one that encouraged Zhi Xin to join this competition to gain more experience, improve on her singing and test her confidence when performing.

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